So where do the volunteers stay?

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I have been informed by GVN that we will be staying in a traditional homestay, living with other volunteers in a Peruvian home which is very exciting.  The host families are carefully selected with the volunteers in mind and most have  had experience hosting volunteers in the past.

Mental note: get a move on with the Spanish lessons, knowing ‘an apple’ is not going to get you very far. Buy some thermals.

Thankfully, all houses have electricity, running water, and a western-style toilet BUT usually have no central heating. We have been advised to bring a sleeping bag or blanket for extra warmth at night!

Laundry can be done by the host family for a small fee.

There are a number of obvious rules like no smoking, drugs or overnight guests and other gentle reminders like:  please do not ‘raid the fridge’, remove anything from the house or bring your mates to hang out in your room