Got to get myself organi-tized

So impressed with the customer service from GVN and the organisation.

Since Sadie and I have been accepted  (and paid in full) we have had a constant flow of communication from various people within the company. There has been an impressive relay happening with people introducing us to the next person who deals with X and the next etc.

I’ve been contacted by a Volunteer Specialist, Peru Specialist, Tour operators for weekend activities and  an in-country coordinator for when we arrive.

What has excited us both is the suggested packing list for Peru (shopping!):

7 Pair of underwear      Daypack                    Shampoo 

7 Pairs of socks               Water Bottle            Towel

5 T‐shirts                           Camera                       Sun block

3 Long‐sleeved shirt      Laptop (optional)  Soap

4 Pairs of pants                Umbrella                  Toothpaste

2 Pairs of shorts               Razor                          Swim wear

Jacket                                   Rain gear                  Athletic/walking shoes

Hiking Boots                      Sandals                      Sunglasses  Hat


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