Fundraising: What are the options?


So, the next step for us is to come up with a fundraising idea that can help contribute to the cost of the trip (it’s not cheap). However, the GVN team have kindly sent a comprehensive guide including a number of tips e.g. getting started, event ideas, letter writing, success stories and resources*.

*There is a section on the benefits of fundraising including the tax deductibles etc. but since we are in Dubai we skipped this bit.

I particularly like the way the options are grouped:

We are hoping to involve Sadie’s school along with the obvious call on friends and family connections. Ideas so far are:

  1. Jumble sale – added benefit of having a clear out
  2. Sponsored sport
  3. Quiz night
  4. Tea party
  5. Event of some sort – maybe a challenge – involving Sadie 🙂




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