Flights – where to start?


The trip starts in Dubai and the destination is Cusco, Peru. We are hoping to stop off in San Jose, Costa Rica to see my sister in Durika on the way back. So far, I have found that the quickest routes are:

Dubai – Dallas – Lima – Cusco (23 hrs)

Dubai – Sao Paulo – Lima – Cusco (20 hrs)

Dubai – New York – Lima – Cusco (22 hrs)

Obviously the stop over times are  crucial to the whole trip (and the cost!).  A great site suggested by GVN for doing a recce is You can use any origin/destination and it provides itineraries with booking codes and fare codes included:  You can’t book through the site, but the info can be given to a travel agent who can use the codes. The flights may not be as direct as possible, but it usually means cheaper fares.

GVN also recommend using Airtreks or Airline Alliances, such as Oneworld who provide Round The World fares based on 3 things: how many miles you’re flying, whether you have a minimum or maximum number of stops, and if you’re flying the same general direction. AirTreks allows more flexibility.


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