Insurance, coverage and cost

Machu Picchu

Getting the paperwork out of the way is one of the first hurdles. Insurance is the next task for us and is compulsory for GVN volunteers. GVN recommended that we check with our insurance provider that we are covered during your volunteer placement – as interestingly some policies do not provide cover for volunteering, 

We have the option of taking the GVN comprehensive insurance package (including volunteer cover) which is only available to GVN volunteers and is specially designed for volunteering. It includes medical and accident cover as well as a ‘loss of deposits’ cover which covers fees paid to GVN and airlines. 

The cost of the package option is US$247.00 for the first 30 days of coverage, (minimum 30 days cover), thereafter US$5.00 per day to 180 days (maximum cover). 


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