What to take on trip to Peru?

Peru_-_Cusco_Sacred_Valley_&_Incan_Ruins_039_-_textile_handcrafts_for_sale_at_Tambomachay_(7092596219), McKay Savage, CC BY 2.0. Wikim. Comm.

After the excitement of booking the flights to Peru, Sadie and I have a something new to look forward to … shopping!

Here are some of the suggestions from the volunteer organisers, GVN. 

What we may need:

•    A weekly budget of around US$50 to cater for all other expenses like bottled water, transportation for weekend excursions, personal costs, beverages, and entertainment.
•    Duplicate copies of papers, e.g. passport, visa, spare passport photos and insurance policy details.
•    A money belt
•    Journal and pens to keep a diary
•    Soap bar for washing
•    Bedding is supplied at the volunteer house however they recommend a sleeping bag for warmth during the cooler months, as there is no central heating in Peru.
•    Batteries and camera film are expensive to buy, so buy before
•    Flashlight/torch with spare batteries
•    Books to read
•    Playing cards
•    Sunglasses and hat
•    Sturdy comfortable footwear as well as a pair of sandals/jandals for light walking              (I will be doing a post on this in the future, along the lines of ‘where to buy shoes that don’t make you look like an idiot abroad’ or ‘can walking shoes be stylish?’)
•   Warm clothing as Cusco can be surprisingly cold, especially at night during June-July.

What to Wear

Volunteers should take care to dress more conservatively than they may be used to in their home country, according to the custom in Peru.

Light, loose clothing that protects you from the sun but keeps you cool is recommended for daytime. As Cusco is at such a high elevation we will also need warmer clothes for the evenings, when it can get very cold. We arrive in Cusco early morning, so we have been told to bundle up before our flight.


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