“5 questions for mum” by Sadie Cooper-Clark

Sadie interviews mum about the volunteer trip to Cusco, Peru 

Sadie and Mum

Sadie: This is an interview with Zoe Cooper-Clark who will be my PARTNER going to erm, Peru and yeah…I’m going to ask Zoe some questions and she is going to answer them. 

Sadie: Ok, here’s my first question. How do you feel about going to Peru?

Zoe: Well, I never thought that we would end up going so I’m very excited and even more excited that you are coming along with me.

Sadie: Yeah I’m excited too. Ok, second question. What would you take if you were never going back home? 

Zoe: I would take my family, my dog and my cat and your hamster. And probably a few things from the house that I have.

Sadie: What few things would they be?

Zoe: Things that are special to me like my watches, my jewellery and my [dog panting in background] camel bone chest [laughing]. But it might be a bit big.  It depends really. If we were going there for good, of course I would take everything, but if I could only take a few things, I would take my family.

Sadie: Ok. So, third question. Would you like, well, are you open to new foods and to new cultures?

Zoe: I am definitely open to new foods. Not all foods I would say. If it was a weird food like an insect of some sort then I might try a little bit but yeah, it depends what it is. But in general, I am quite open to trying new things.

Ok. fourth question. By the way I’m only doing five. So fourth question. Would, this is a ‘would’ you like to work in Peru permanently and see your family at the same time? 

Zoe: Erm, its a difficult question because I don’t know what Peru is like so. At the moment ‘no’ because I have no idea what it is going to be like. I am sure after we have spent 2 weeks there that we will like it more than we do now, but to move all the way over there with what we have got here, probably not. We might go again next year.

Sadie: Ok final question. This is a final question, last but not least. Why do you want to go to Peru?

I want to go to Peru because I haven’t been to Peru before I want to go because I want to go with you and I’m interested in how you will feel about seeing a new culture. I know you will like it because there are animals there. [Sadie says ‘yes’ in the background]I love to travel and I haven’t been travelling recently so its a bit selfish really. And I’d love you to enjoy travelling.

Sadie: Thank you very much that’s the interview from Zoe Cooper-Clark.

All questions asked were Sadie’s own. 


You can listen to the full interview here:



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