A short interview with Sadie Lady on Peru


Hey Sadie, how are you feeling about going to Peru?

I feel excited and I think its cool.

What do think the place will look like?

I imagine it will look old and you could say crumbly. Mountainous and green. 

What about the people?

I think the people would be quite friendly and ummm yeah. Although some might have bad intentions like there might be terrorists or something.

How do feel about staying with a Peruvian family? 

Not really bothered. Actually I am quite excited. I’m looking forward to trying the food. 

I hear there may be baby llamas in the street. What do you think your reaction will be?

I want one.

What are you doing to prepare for the trip at the moment?

Umm. We bought socks.

Are you still excited?

Yeah I am excited and yep, yep, yep.




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