My name is Hero, the travelling bear

bear 5

“So, I am walking along the seafront in Eastbourne and I come across a teddy bear sitting on the bench looking out to the sea. I thought someone had lost their favourite bear until I looked closer…..” Said Lorna Cooper, mother of two, Felicity and Tylus and my sister.

Fast forward six weeks later. My parents arrive in Dubai from England and with them is a bear named ‘Hero’. My mum, Sue explains their story.

Bear 1

It turns out, Hero is a hitchhiking bear. He is left in random places with only a titchy backpack that includes: a note, diary, party popper, a shell and a balloon. The note says:

This bear would love to see the world!

Wherever you are going, please take him with you on your journey before leaving him in a public place for someone else to do the same. 

His friends back home would love to hear about who he meets and where he goes. Please email

Photos welcome too!

bear 2

It’s not very often that something makes your heart melt and face smile at the same time! What a great idea and an interesting experiment.

Of course, this only works if the chain isn’t broken i.e. someone takes him for their own or can’t read English. I don’t know how long he has been travelling but the first entry in his diary is from August 2013, so doing well so far. I can only guess that the random objects in his backpack are from previous ‘lifts’ as either gifts or useful tools for his journey. A marmalade sandwich perhaps?

Well, it’s time to take a few pics of him around Dubai, leave him somewhere strategic and then send him on his way. Fingers crossed he is found by a friendly family or child and continues to make his way across the world. Good luck Hero.

Either way, I wish him well on his next trip to wherever.




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