Where to volunteer?

Even though there are a few options there really was only one for us – Wildlife. Because it will be our first time I wanted to play it safe and pick one where I could imagine the working week and one that would keep Sadie busy!

For us it was important to have a focus on animals but other programs that accept families (on a case by case basis) are: 

Costa Rica – Orphanage*, childcare*, construction** teaching English**
Ecuador – Environmental/Conservation program with opportunities in a range of biological reserves (excluding the Galapagos Islands)
Ghana  – Children’s, Farming,
Guatemala – Childcare*, teaching English**, animal care
Kenya – Orphanage
Nepal – Orphanage, teaching, community maintenance*, homestay/cultural exchange
Panama – Children, Literacy, Community Outreach programs**
Peru – Orphanage*, teaching**, wildlife (zoo)*
Rwanda – Children’s
Vietnam – Orphanage placements

* Children 5 years of age and over
** 10 – 14 years on a case by case basis

Look out for the frequently asked questions (FAQs) link and specifically the question ‘Can I bring my family/children to this program with me?’ I came across a woman and child testimonial in the volunteers

You can find program details at http://www.globalvolunteernetwork.org/programs

So far GVN is one of the only volunteer sites I have found that has experience with children. Most others seem to have an over 18 policy. Let me know if you come across any others.


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