I’m Zoë Cooper-Clark: woman, wife and mum of fourteen-year-old twins living in France.

One of the things I love most is finding new places to go, eat or shop, both in my new town in Provence or around the world on my travels.

I caught the travel bug at an early age, and at 18 I left my native England for an exciting adventure in New York. I spent the next three years travelling around the US, paying my way with all manner of weird and wonderful jobs in places like Miami Beach, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Toronto, Canada. I then travelled around Europe with high hopes of becoming multilingual (it didn’t happen), then fast forward to a globe trotting job with Gulf Air, flying from Bahrain to exotic and exciting destinations, such as Zanzibar, Trivandrum, Mumbai, Delhi, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Colombo and Bangkok.

After a grown-up move back to the UK, media career, marriage and the much-wanted birth of my gorgeous twins Rudi and Sadie, we made the whirlwind decision to go and live in the United Arab Emirates. After nearly eight  years of having a great time we made the decision to move back to Europe…and chose La Ciotat, France.

Wherever we live, we try to travel as a family as often as we can. On this blog, you’ll find posts on our travels, from a mother-daughter volunteer visit to Peru, to a family-friendly jaunt to Sri Lanka. There will also be hotel and resort reviews, travel tips from my journeys so far, fabulous food from across the world, and some ‘out and about’ ideas in France. There’ll even be some behind the scenes pics from our recent project to restore a vintage VW camper van – another great excuse for a family adventure!

Along with the kids, we have three dogs: Dave our scruffy border terrier,  Archie a Black miniature poodle and the most recent addition Alfie a Bernese mountain dog. All dogs are usually found sleeping under the table keeping my feet warm while I keep up to date with what’s what.